About Me


I write creative non-fiction, novels, short stories and popular psychology. I'm also the author of the 52 Week Project. 

If you've read The 52 Week Project, you  already know a thing or two about me. Here is what you might not know. 

I call Wellington, New Zealand, home. I also call Hawai'i home, in a different sense of the word. Ko Taranaki Maunga, No Te Atiawa ki Taranaki au.

Over the past year, I have tried 19  new flavours of sweet pie. My #lifegoal is to discover even more types. Wish me luck. 

My other #lifegoal is to visit 50 countries before I am 50. At this rate I'll have more luck with the pie, but I live in hope. 

I live with my husband and two kids. I also live with far too many hedgehog soft toys for my liking, as well as a giant plant my daughter named Hilary. Note to self: remember to water Hilary. 

Join me for my 21 new things in 2021 challenge. I want to hear your ideas, as well as what you manage to do. Let's do it together.

Life is short. Make the most of it.